7 must watch Korean series

Most of them are old school Korean dramas but I will recommend them still! The mere fact that I'm still elated suggesting them only proves that they higlight some elements worthy to be remembered. 1) My girl 2) Boys Over Flowers also watch the Taiwanese version: Meteor Garden, Japanese version: Hanayori Dango and even the... Continue Reading →

7 Highlights (Awards Night)

With no further ado.. here they are.. Enjoy 🙂 1. Jim Carrey    https://youtu.be/qHY_VBL1HEA https://youtu.be/7FUOv2hdFW8 2. Steve Martin   https://youtu.be/nRvaoaIOq0s     https://youtu.be/381aYexNTuc https://youtu.be/X3KiSJqK2VA     3. The Oscars: Best opening monologues   https://youtu.be/N95KLHeJ_Yc     https://youtu.be/whgVLNC5KSY   4. Best Award Acceptance Speeches (funny) https://youtu.be/O6g6gb0wRu0     https://youtu.be/hDMEgG50Qk4     https://youtu.be/r-RF2w-T1-U https://youtu.be/9HosbzF3zWg     https://youtu.be/ghS98BKy29Q... Continue Reading →

Do you think they can dance?

Oh yeah, all of them..all 7 of them can surely dance!!!!     1. Beatfreaks https://youtu.be/sLuDecGtNTY   https://youtu.be/PXniEjqtjAM   with Rino Nakasone (member of Beatfreaks): https://youtu.be/x98_BT22uCY   https://youtu.be/XkQBVjGaVFc       2. Blackpink https://youtu.be/zrTYPm-SJSE https://youtu.be/ivoS3HUJB3Q     3. 2NE1 https://youtu.be/0RUvealeXZ0     4. Britney Spears https://youtu.be/Y6F3wpwOa7o     5. Beyonce https://youtu.be/J361to1EgCU   6. Janet Jackson... Continue Reading →

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