On the edge

Sometimes when you’re down And you feel that the world is against you When you look behind and you see no one And no one sitting next to you   When you’re heart is crushed And your spirit is drowning When your eyes couldn’t cry no more As you’re exhausted from breathing   When you’re... Continue Reading →

Brace yourself

in Your hand, I commit my spirit Redeem me O Lord, O God of truth.   Today, I have so many realizations. (yes, again)that I strongly desire to share with you. There are times in our life that we felt that we are left behind, that our prayers remained unaswered even though we earnestly pray... Continue Reading →


From my lips slipped an unknown language Ringing in my ears, enveloping my soul Fist closed, eyelids sealed, feet stomping dancing hallelulaj.. or swaying along with the wind Desiring to interpret, wisdom clenched, spirit rain down on me God Almighty hear my prayers ... I should never doubt.. no anxiety, no fears But the mysterious... Continue Reading →

The Holy Spirit

Preparation: What happened to the disciples of Jesus on the Pentecost? Fulfillment of the promise of Jesus which He mentioned in: Acts 1:4-5. And while staying with them he ordered them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the Father, which, he said, “you heard from me; for John baptized... Continue Reading →

The Word of God

Preparation: How did Jesus resist the temptations of the devil? For every temptation of the devil, Jesus' attack is through the Word of God, of what was written. He also halted His communication with the devil and did not entertain him further. But rather he demonstrated that He is the one in control. He exercised... Continue Reading →


                                                                             Preparation: What is the analogy that Jesus used to describe our relationship with Him? John 15:1 “I... Continue Reading →

New Life

     Preparation: Now that you are a Christian, what aspects of your life have changed because of your faith? One of the changes is my way of thinking. I used to be someone who always dwell in problems and worry too much. I worried about anything- of what had happened and what will happen.... Continue Reading →

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