Applers, Daragon is “still” alive

02 September 2017

So I woke up lazily this morning like how I normally wake up every Saturday morning. Reluctantly opened my eyes, grabbed my phone and scrolled through some random posts in my instagram. For a second, I thought I was still in the La la land dreaming of some daragon moments in a concert. And it clicked! It occurred to me that last night was GD’s concert in Manila, the Act III MOTTE in Manila, the one that I missed seeing here in Sydney last August.

Oh well, to cut the introduction short, I spent almost half my day just simply checking all media accounts for any updates, posts, video clips, photos, comments from fans and haters alike. And the daragon fans didn’t fail me! Floodgates were opened for all those who are waiting like me. All Applers who attended the concert are generous enough to share their experiences through photos and videos.. ..blurred, shaky quality and with the fans’ screaming overpowering the performance. LOL.

Here are my 7 takeaways from this unforgettable Saturday as a Kpop fan:


  1. As a self-confessed both Daragon and Darahae fan, the feeling that I’ve got today is the same excitement that I felt when I read the news about Sandara and Donghae both acknowledging their one-decade friendship. They also posted the same photo on their instagram account evidencing their longtime “relationship”.

I love the fact that both GD and Dara posted pictures in their instagram accounts right after the concert, the day after the concert. Especially those from GD. When I strolled down his instagram account, he doesn’t normally post lots of photos from his concert but this time, he posted not just 1 but 6 photos for his Manila concert, 3 of which are with “Noona” on them.

I’m yet to confirm if it’s a fact or not. But one netizen observed that Sandara is the first girl that has ever been featured on GD’s public instagram account.



  1. It’s not everyday that you see GD doing a live video for his fans but this time he did it for his Filipino fans. With Sandara on his live video, he seemed so giddy and awkward at the same time. He also seemed not familiar with how to do a live video or use his phone because at the end, it’s actually Sandara who closed the chat, demonstrating to GD how to do it (for next time? Hopefully)


  1. GD’s OOTN during his performance with Sandara was so sleek and classy. Even his hairstyle was on point and not the weird one! He really had this handsome aura and gentlemanly presence on stage who looked like a bachelor attending a date with his girlfriend (Ehem!)

Some netizens are comparing this performance with GD’s duet with CL in his Seoul’s concert that radiates a sexy vibe. Honestly speaking, yes … CL is sexy but I don’t find GD sexy at all in his outfit. I don’t even know what’s wrong with his hairstyle and the fishnet during that performance.

Anyway, back to Daragon’s performance on stage. Their awkwardness on stage and giddy moments made this number much even sweeter and cute at the same time. Both could not help but felt “kilig” towards each other and that feeling transcends out from the stage to their fans watching inside the venue and even those who relied on short video clips like me.


  1. “Ginalingan! May nanalo na. Uwian na! Uwi na ko. “

Whatever Sandara meant when she said this, all I can say is I am amazed that Sandara knows this Filipino expression. She is indeed a Filipina at heart.  It’s normal when you heard a kababayan said this but not from a foreigner. Of course, I meant the English version of this.

It’s an exclusive Filipino expression but Sandara naturally expressed it with so much ease like a true-blooded local.

  1. What’s with the kneeling on that instgram photo? I don’t understand, GD.

The palm tree is self-explanatory. The just seating photo is normal but the kneeling in front of Sandara offering a “daisy” like flower.. for that photo, I could not find any explanation for it.

Should the fans read between the lines? Is this still a fan service?

But GD!? He is such a huge artist who does not need a loveteam. He can sell concert tickets on his own.


  1. What’s with the stomping on the floor during the “I miss you” number? Pointing at where Sandara exited? Again, are they discreetly informing the public that they are an item? And their term of endearment is “Baby”? Hello?!
  1. Last time I check,ed, Sandara was just a guest on that concert. But for a guest to be present on stage even at the encore? Hmm.. why not if she is someone special to your heart. What better way to end the concert but be with someone who you want to be for the rest of your live until the end.

Again my delusional heart! Forgive me.


  1. There are many scenes from this concert that remind me of Jadine moments during their unforgettable concert ‘ever’, also in Araneta.
  • singing from opposite ends of the stage and meeting at the center.  They’re really good in maintaining the momentum for the audience who kept on screaming on the top of their voices, pushing anyone sitting next to them.
  • when GD knelt down. …I thought he was planning to do a confession not just for Sandara but to all Applers, as well. “Yes, we are together”, something like that. Definitely not a proposal, that’s too much. They should not kill Daragons instantly. Just kill us softly with kilig. So confession first so they can be sweet now in public and we’ll get used to it and next should be their proposal. That’s the plan. Not proposal right there and then during the concert. Some Daragon fans think too much. Let us be realistic. Any plans for any engagement or wedding should happen after the enlistment.




  1. In that concert, they’ve been vocal about each other even though they are fully aware this will result “again” to speculations that they’re together, or they’re dating. They will be all over the news once again if they’re not careful.  But in Manila concert, Sandara telling GD that she misses him while GD praising Sandara saying she is “so” pretty… we’ve got so much feels!




  1. Couple outfits are so obvious!  The red matching attire during the “Hello” number and their “peaceminusone” fashion for the “Crooked” performance, who can match that??



  1. It seems that the backup dancers are members of the daragon fandom, as well. They fully support us and they are our representatives on the stage.. I hope they will continue to push both GD and Dara to be more open, more showy, more expressive, no bars! More confetti to throw!


  1. When? When? When? The million dollar question that no one knows what’s the answer and when it will be answered.


For the time being, let us just be contented with the photos and clips from the fans who are sharing the same interest, that is Daragon “Appler” not-so- young anymore.

(credits to all owners of videos and photos):




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